Eine Ressource ist ein Mittel, um eine Handlung zu tätigen oder einen Vorgang ablaufen zu lassen.
Eine Ressource kann ein materielles oder immaterielles Gut sein.
Hier erhältst du Betriebsmittel, Rohstoffe und andere Zutaten, um den nächsten Schritt gehen zu können.

Enjoy & bei Fragen melde Dich gerne.

EthnoHealth - Webshop

Ethno-Health Affiliate-Partner

Bekomme Zugang zu Rezepturen, die das Leben ganz natürlich wirkungsvoll unterstützen. 
Werde Affiliate Partner und profitiere von Deiner Empfehlung in Deinem Netzwerk, Freundes- und Bekanntenkreis.


*) Ich bin ein Partner dieser Firma, was bedeutet, dass ich eine kleine Provision erhalten kann, wenn Du Produkte über meinen Link kaufst - ohne zusätzliche Kosten für Dich. WinWin.

Lavylites - Social Selling

Social Selling Coordinator

Lavylites is the solution for two main problems  of our time -  health and money.  
You receive my support in developing relationships as part of the sales process.

Sign Up Cost: Free | Renewal Cost: None | Patent Products: Nanoeffector  | Sponsor ID 153615
Just use and recommend Lavylites products to others.

My Story: Since September 2014 my family and I use the Lavylites products for our own and contribute within the International Distribution Network.

The Products: The Nanoeffector technology distributes 3,000 different herbs through its nutritional supplements. The Nanoeffector creates an energy matrix that assists the body in picking up the herbs that the body needs at that particular time. The nutraceutical products are 100 percent natural, produce no side effects, and are safe for animals to use. The products may be used on individuals of any age. 

The manufactured products are both clinically and dermatologically tested. Laboratory result have confirmed that they also contain strong antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.Lavylites products work by stimulating the hormonal system to elicit the self-healing and pain-killing mechanisms in the brain.

Background: This innovative technology has been in development and testing for over 20 years. These essences can be sprayed onto the skin and penetrates deep into the layers of skin and tissue. Ingredients are purported to reach cells and become absorbed in a matter of seconds. Beside herbal ingredients, Lavylites products also contain minerals, colloidal metals, and healing crystals.

The Company: Lavylites is a health care and cosmetics company in the network marketing industry founded in Hungary in 2013. The company’s products were created by a Hungarian scientist and pharmaceutical chemist and an internationally recognized nanotechnology expert. The company is recently expanding to include business operations in Europe, the United States and South East Asia and India as of 2016.

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